The World of Oberon

A land of uncharacteristic peace, Oberon has harbored its diverse civilizations with little conflict for over a thousand years. Recently, however, the expansionist Human kingdom of Redcrest waged a brutal war against its neighbors, nearly decimating the Halfling city-states and causing untold destruction across the continent. Their racist agenda and wanton aggression came to a stop only when the combined power of the Elven, Dwarven, and Halfling states – referred to as the Resistance – defeated the Human King Frederick Gregorius at the Battle of Redcrest in 1246.

In the wake of Gregor the Tyrant’s defeat, the Resistance forces founded a new state, the Eastern Empire. Drawing their political system from that of the Dwarves, this new Empire would be ruled by an Emperor, a body of elected delegates called the Free People’s Council, and a coalition of military experts called the Vanguard. While the Emperor would be the face of the Empire, his or her decisions would be held accountable to the two cabinets, a measure established to prevent the reoccurrence of any further needless bloodshed. In addition, Humans were legally made second-class citizens, restricted by anything from criminal records to questionable bloodlines from fully participating in Empire society.

Ten years have gone by since this infamous War of the Races began. The Empire touts ubiquitous peace while many clamor for equal rights for Humans, a new Emperor, or even for the return of Redcrest. An unusual advertisement has been plastered on posting boards around the continent, promising adventure and glory to any who would respond, and all of you, for reasons only you know, have responded. Will you find what you’re looking for?


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